Lois Eisenberg | Praise of Putin the Last Straw

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Vladimir Putin being a gutless, bloodthirsty, authoritarian dictator doesn’t deter Donald Trump from praising him as a “genius” and “pretty smart,” and then going on to say that the invasion of Ukraine was a result of the 2020 election being rigged. Mike Pompeo and Tucker Carlson have added their praises of Putin. This praise of Putin should be the last straw for one and all in throwing America under the bus.

Where are the voices of the Republicans in condemning this type of unpatriotic rhetoric ?

In praise of Mike Pence, he said no one in the GOP should be praising Putin. Pence went on to say Putin was a “former KGB officer, a dictator and a thug.” 

We as voters who deplore this type of adoration of a foe can’t allow this to happen and we must raise our voices and stop this unworthy adoration.

To praise a dictator in times of peace is foolish, but to praise a person the likes of Putin when he has just invaded a country is menacing. America cannot go forward with this type of deplorable praise for the likes of Putin. 

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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