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Letters to the Editor
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Twice-defeated congressional candidate Christy Smith has on several occasions voiced her support for Black Lives Matter and has also falsely claimed that she never supported defunding the police. On the first, Ms. Smith has marched and sign-waved at BLM events on several occasions and has tweeted pictures of her proudly doing so on her Twitter page and has also proudly claimed her support for the group in her online fundraising efforts. 

Relevant to her support for BLM is the most recent shutdown of BLM’s online fundraising in two of the most left-wing liberal states in the country, Washington and our own California, where both states’ equally ultra-left-wing liberal attorneys general required BLM to cease their online fundraising due to their continued refusal to submit the proper documents required by the states. BLM is also under HUGE scrutiny over the spending habits of their founder and several local branch heads who seem to be using BLM donation money as their own personal bank accounts and in one case buying numerous expensive homes around the country. 

Also very relevant here in Santa Clarita is the documented case of a BLM violent demonstrator who physically assaulted a senior citizen who was supporting local law enforcement at an event near the mall. She was cited by the Sheriff’s Department and was placed on probation, ordered to do community service and also had to pay to replace the gentleman’s phone that she broke when she punched him in the face. 

And I’m assuming that everyone has seen the news coverage of the anti-police and ironically anti-gun BLM person who was just arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and immediately released on a bond paid by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, a group co-founded by Black Lives Matter Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm. The 21-year-old activist was charged with trying to murder a Kentucky mayoral candidate.

In 2020, Ms. Smith tweeted indicating support of the Los Angeles City Council and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ decision to slash L.A. Police Department and L.A. County Sheriff’s Department budgets by $150 million and $162 million, respectively, and those cuts have literally crippled both agencies and placed the citizens of the city and county of Los Angeles, which as we all know includes the entire Santa Clarita Valley, in danger. 

Just read all the articles about the raging violent crime wave as well as the organized shoplifting plaguing this valley that is the direct result of the lack of enough deputies as well as the insane “catch and release” procedures instituted by the current, and hopefully recalled, L.A. County district attorney. The L.A. County Democrat party fully supported the election of the radical left-wing Mr. George Gascón.

Smith has also gotten the endorsement of far-left-wing radical California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who is also helping criminals with his actions and non-actions.  

Bottom line here is that Christy Smith, despite what she has always tried to convince us of, IS NOT a moderate Democrat. She has proven with her own words and actions that she is as far left as disgraced and resigned former Rep. Katie Hill was, and that is NOT what this valley needs to have representing us.

Rick Barker


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