Ron Perry | Democrats ‘Help’ the Middle Class

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to thank the Democratic party for all they are doing for the middle/working class!

At the national level, in a matter of days after his election, President Joe Biden was taking action to shut down drilling permits and a pipeline that could have kept gas prices down. Really helpful for the working class!

He approved a $15 minimum wage, which has directly caused food, American-produced products and housing prices to soar. Very helpful for the working class, middle class and the poor!

Nationwide crime has increased exponentially because liberals have defunded police. Many in the working class work in areas where crimes are happening every day. This helps the working /middle class and poor how?

In California we have heard nothing from Gov. Gavin Newsom about helping the working class by reducing the taxes on gasoline so we can get to work. Nothing about new gas taxes slated for this July. This is so helpful for working class!

He has doubled down on building a “train to nowhere” that is now costing four times the original amount presented to people. Thanks, Governor, for helping the middle/working class who are paying for this with our taxes!

At the national and the state level our liberal governments are allowing thousands and /shousands of ILLEGAL aliens to come in to our country and giving then millions of dollars of our taxes to resettle here. This is very helpful, Mr. Newsom and Mr. Biden, especially to our poor and working class!

I would also like to thank the Democrats for being so concerned about the millions of senior citizens who could use help as much as those illegal aliens!

So to all of those who voted Democratic, I would like to say stop complaininig when you fill up your car or buy groceries or other good that are sky-high. Don’t complain about your higher taxes or the open border or the increase in crime.

You voted for this.

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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