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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I wake up every day to see the dreadful news on the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Brave citizens valiantly defend their country and freedoms, while bombs rain on innocent civilians. 

On the other hand, I see the MAGA truckers have traveled to D.C. to protest mask and vaccine mandates as an infringement on their freedom. Good thing the Russians have not invaded America in the interest of ridding us of liberals. Half of this country would welcome them as potential Donald Trump voters. 

Some of my friends are devoted Fox News viewers. They truly believe that Fox News is the only medium where they can get honest reporting in a media dominated by liberal Democrats. 

To them I say: Watch Tucker Carlson take aim at our own government with lies and misinformation, which is getting replayed on Russian government TV broadcasts. A Russian memo was obtained that encouraged state TV to run more Tucker Carlson dialog. Russians use Carlson to effectively brainwash their captive audiences on the righteousness of war crimes that kill innocent Ukrainians. 

Thomas Oatway


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