Arthur Saginian | Will Sarcasm Backfire?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In this morning’s column (Feb. 22) Joshua Heath resorts to what I would call sophomoric sarcasm to bash President Donald Trump. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am no friend or fan of Trump. During his tumultuous four years in office I lost count of how many times I would cringe when reading his tweets or even listening to him speak. God, how I prayed he would get himself a communications director or character coach that he would actually listen to. Not that some of what he was trying to communicate wasn’t true, like the fact that there are too many parasitic morons living in this country, and that includes people at all levels of education, income and political preference, but the way he would say it… Oy vey, it would cause me to bury my face into my hands. Talk about making yourself look even worse than those who actually deserved the lashing. 

No, I am glad that Trump is no longer our president, and I hope he does not somehow return to that office, but Joshua Heath is tempting the fates with his immature humor, which borders on petty arrogance (and I would expect as much from a “Democratic Voice”), but if Trump does run and get reelected in 2024 I will know exactly who to blame for that. So please, Mr. Heath, watch your mouth as you may unwittingly help manifest that which you mock.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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