Gary Curtis | Slipping Parents a Woke Mickey

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Florida’s Legislature and governor recently passed and approved the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, which will prohibit classroom instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades kindergarten through third.

When Floridians read or hear the actual wording of the simple bill, they have indicated support for it 2-1, acknowledging parents’ right to protect their children from unnecessary exposure to such sensitive and moral concerns. 

But leftist progressives and “woke” iconoclasts conveniently ignore the limited scope of this legislation and protest it as a free speech issue for adults. Others want young children (who still have their baby teeth!) to be instructed in sexualized content that most affected parents resist and renounce as vastly “inappropriate” for these young ages.

Now, the iconic Burbank-based Walt Disney Co. seeks to protest the Floridian legislation and politicize the family values of American parents, which have been the foundation of its amazingly successful — nearly 100-year-old — media empire.

Disney’s transitioning from a family-friendly company to a very culturally “woke” and politicized bully is very disturbing and alarming. It is way beyond their organized opposition to parents-rights legislation in Florida. No longer the guardian of children’s innocence, Disney seems to have corporately decided to sexualize our culture, from young adults down to young children. 

Alert parents have observed Disney’s descent into sexualized content for several years. But now, many of Disney’s producers and influencers publicly brag about how they strategically insert “queerness” (their word) into their themes, characters and content, as often as possible. One parent says, “Disney has now transformed into a political propaganda machine that grooms children for abortions and sexual promiscuity.”

The new “sexualized” Disney is streaming directly to a home near you, exclusively on Disney Plus. Your parental (and grand-parental) concerns need to motivate us to actively protect our children and teens. Remove the toxic sources. As the above-mentioned parent declared, “We are not dealing with Mickey anymore!”

Gary Curtis

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