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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Diane Zimmerman and Ron Perry, March 29. 

Alright Diane, I admit that I don’t know the difference between a “poll observer” and a “poll watcher,” nor am I aware of whom they report to and how that report is transmitted! 

However, you originally claimed that you saw fraud and in this last missive you have reduced that to “possible” fraud. The original discussion was about the 2020 presidential election and now you insinuate that there was fraud in the recent election for governor. 

Is this the way it is going to be going forward? Whenever the (and I am assuming your party affiliation) Republican candidate loses, it will be claimed to be illegitimate due to fraud. Time to face the truth, your team lags far behind in registration.

Stop the coy statements like (parody) “keep your eyes open we are going to surprise you”! If you have something to report, DO IT! 

The Republicans used to be, they said, the party of ideas. Where are those ideas? They have become the party of grievances! That can never be a governing program.

On the same page was a letter from Ron Perry, who took the current administration to task for gas prices. He disparaged Joe Biden for shutting down a pipeline that might have alleviated our petroleum shortage. I assume he means the “Keystone Pipeline.” Let’s forget the right of way issues, and the treaty issues with Native Americans. 

If you look back at the reporting during the beginning of this issue, you will note that the Keystone pipeline was owned by the Canadian oil companies. 

It was to carry low-grade petroleum from the Athabaska Tar Sands in Alberta. This stuff is hard to refine and transport. It was to go to our Gulf Coast, to be loaded onto tankers and shipped to Europe and other places. NONE WAS COMING HERE!

We must face the fact that the easily found and easily refined petroleum is running out. It is to be replaced by lower-quality and harder-to-produce petroleum. More costs, higher pump prices.

As to the claim about “Biden’s disastrous Afganistan withdrawal” — again, read the reporting of the beginning of the process. 

Donald Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban that included a complete withdrawal of our people as well as a “date certain.” For their part, the Taliban agreed not to attack our troops or planes during the withdrawal.

While I admit my own part in tribalism, I recognize that it has to stop. We can’t continue on casting dispersions on everything the other tribe does. 

The country needs to keep on going. We have 330 million people who need to get on with their lives. 

Like many out there, I have very young grandchildren, and I want them to have at least an approximation of what we had 20 years ago.    

Gary Morrison


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