How to Keep in Touch with Family from Afar


One of the most common difficulties abroad is communication. No matter how wonderful it is to be “in another reality”, it is both necessary and desirable to maintain a connection with your family members. This can be quite costly. There is no universal recipe for saving on communications — it all depends on the country and the main use of the phone. Here are some relatively inexpensive ways to keep your phone active while abroad. 

International sim card 

There are tourist SIM cards, which are very profitable to use abroad. These are GoodLine, Simtravel, Orange, Vodafone, Globalsim, and others.  Promotions from the operators are not rare, for example, they may provide gift traffic of 10 or 15 GB or a promo balance. Meanwhile, sim cards from Globalsim allow the traveler to get the Internet at $0.05/MB and calls abroad from $0.05/min. You can use this card in 147 countries, moreover, without a subscription fee. In the most popular European countries, you can connect to a new Internet option, and for only $0.001 per MB, you will get unlimited Internet. 

International calling services 

If your relatives in Ethiopia do not have access to the Internet, while roaming is too expensive, you can use international calling services like Yolla. After installing the appropriate app for Android or iOS, calling Ethiopia from USA at the local rates will become a blessing in reality. The company is driven by a desire to connect people around the world without compromising quality. So, if you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can keep in touch with your family even if there is no WhatsApp or Messenger. 

Local SIM cards 

 It is very advantageous to use local sim cards abroad.  Internet costs, calls, and messages are significantly reduced. However, not all foreign operators provide cheap rates, so first, study the conditions for using a SIM card and then purchase it.  

Free Wi-Fi 

If possible, try to book accommodation with free Wi-Fi. The ability to regularly access the network without a fee will reduce the cost of using the World Wide Web to a minimum. Even if the Wi-Fi in the hotel is paid, it will certainly turn out to be cheaper than using the mobile Internet. When using the Internet exclusively at the hotel, you can use offline maps during your walks. 

However, you can also use free Wi-Fi in cafés, libraries, and other public places. Wi-Fi is always available at McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Apple Store. The fact that the institution has Internet is indicated by a special Wi-Fi icon. It is also possible to connect to closed Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Map, Wi-Fi Spot, WiFiMaps, and other applications will help you find out the password. 

Travel around the world and keep in touch with your family. There are no borders in communication for people who know and use the above-mentioned methods.  

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