Larry Bustetter | Cheers to Texas Gov. Abbott

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Today (April 6) Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas announced very aggressive plans to directly address the Biden Administration’s lack of action to protect America’s laws and her citizens at our southern border, especially Texas. Joe Biden has caused the crisis and now, thankfully, a strong state governor is doing what Biden won’t do. Other border states like Arizona, New Mexico and California must do the same and now! Will Gov. Gavin Newsom do the same? Not likely — he would rather put the safety of California’s citizens at great risk. California’s homeless population will mushroom as illegal aliens drain the state’s resources at the expense of her citizens.

Actions by Gov. Abbott include (and a promise of more to come soon):

• Securing the unfinished Texas border with a Texas-funded wall and other barriers (e.g., razor wire, increased night lighting systems and much more).

• Deploying 10,000 Texas National Guard troops to assist efforts to catch and remove illegal aliens.

• Transporting captured aliens via charter buses to Washington, D.C., in response to Biden’s secretive transport of unvetted aliens across America.

Since Joe Biden and his vice president refuse to secure America’s border, their impeachable offenses mount and will merit such action once a “red wave” majority in Congress is secured in the November election. Rep. Mike Garcia has long expressed the need to secure America’s borders. A vote in the June 7 primary for Garcia will help assure any necessary action to remove Mr. Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris from the White House or significantly limit their terrible damage to America’s values and security.

Larry Bustetter


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