SDA Church presents musical celebration: ‘Resurrection: An Oratorio’

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“He is not here; He is risen!” 

This proclamation is the heart of Christianity and a cause for Easter celebrations worldwide. 

But to Jesus’ friends, those words caused a nightmare of confusion. As the heavenly beings and Jesus himself tried to convince the disciples that he was “risen indeed,” their minds were fogged with grief and their hearts clouded with despair. Their eyes didn’t comprehend the miracle in front of them. 

On Saturday, the Santa Clarita Seventh-day Adventist Church will host the premier of a resurrection oratorio written by Santa Clarita resident Brett Cameron Perry.  

Perry is a composer who has scored TV series such as “That 70’s Show” and “It’s a Miracle” as well as working on projects by artists from Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville to Luis Miguel and Amy Grant.  

When COVID restrictions began, Perry realized he’d been gifted with the time to develop an idea he’d previously had to write a modern Easter work in the symphonic genre. “Musically, I wanted this to have all the reverence of a modern classical work,” said Perry. “At the same time, I wanted the melodies and the lyrics to be immediately accessible.” 

The story will focus on the encounters between Jesus’ closest friends and the divine messengers who try to convince them that Jesus truly is alive. Even though Jesus had prepped his followers by explaining that he would die and then be raised from the grave three days later, they couldn’t comprehend it when it happened.  

Perry laments that “it’s a humbling thing as the composer to admit that I probably wouldn’t have responded much differently here.”  

When the incredible news of Christ’s resurrection finally sank in, nothing could curb his friends’ excitement. 

“Resurrection: An Oratorio” will be performed under the stars on the lawn at the Santa Clarita SDA Church, 24436 Valley St., Newhall, at 7:30 pm on Saturday. It will feature live soloists and dance to complete the musical score. Guests are asked to dress appropriately for the weather. 

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