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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Yesterday (March 28) a federal judge ruled that John Eastman, a Donald Trump legal adviser, must release email communications to the Jan. 6 Select Committee. The judge also ruled that it is more likely than not that Trump had committed corruption. Eastman has had his claim of lawyer-client privilege dismissed for a multitude of reasons, including that illegal actions are not eligible for this claim. 

Two subpoenas were issued by the Select Committee for Dan Scarvino Jr. and Peter Navarro for their phone records on Jan. 6. Their claims of executive privilege have been debunked. 

Neither was acting in his official capacity, and no president has not claimed executive privilege for their actions. 

The committee voted yesterday to request a House floor vote to refer the subpoenas to the Department of Justice for contempt of Congress. It is likely to pass. Then the DOJ will finally need to act. 

Similarly, a contempt of Congress subpoena for Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon needs action by DOJ.

A seven-hour gap in Trump’s phone records on Jan. 6 is being investigated. This is possibly a violation of the Presidential Records Act. Whoever is responsible must be prosecuted by the DOJ. 

It seems likely that a multitude of Trump supporters and employees will be prosecuted for their illegal activity. And this time it is unlikely that Trump can pardon them. Unless he can do so from his prison cell.

Is Bill Barr still running things at the DOJ, or is Merrick Garland just proving that it was not a mistake by Mitch McConnell to deny him a hearing on his nomination to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama?

Thomas Oatway


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