Thomas Oatway | Proof in the Vaccine Pudding

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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A new study in California has estimated that vaccines saved 20,000 lives in the first 10 months after their introduction in 2020. Another study indicates that 2.2 million American lives were saved by vaccines during the course of the pandemic. Despite the false claims of the MAGA crowd that vaccines are an ineffective “hoax,” vaccines have saved not only the lives of those who were vaccinated, but also many others who refused vaccination. 

In California approximately 80% of residents have received at least two shots. Together with the natural immunity provided by COVID-19 infections, we may have passed a very dangerous public health test. We can now return to our normal lives, without social distancing or masks, perhaps even on airplanes, trains and public transportation. 

A federal judge in Florida issued a ruling that the Centers for Disease Control mask mandate was illegal. The mask mandate surely saved many lives during the period when vaccines were not widely available and immunity was minimal. This judge was appointed in the last hours of Donald Trump’s presidency. She was rated as “unqualified” by the American Bar Association, had no courtroom experience, and was a junior associate at a private law firm. She was; however, a member of the influential Federalist Society, which also brought three other Trump appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court. “All the best people,” as Donald Trump promised. 

An election is coming up in November for the House of Representatives. Turning over the House to the MAGA Republicans will surely be dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans, Ukrainians, our constitutional democracy, and the entire free world. I will vote to retire Mike Garcia, our 25th District representative.

Thomas Oatway


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