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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rob Kerchner’s letters usually reveal a right-wing bias against a host of liberal irrationalities and eccentricities, which could keep a person busy for several lifetimes given the sheer volume of liberal irrationalities and eccentricities, but in this morning’s letter (April 16) Rob also revealed his own set of irrationalities. 

Take this list of 10 Democrat-sponsored bills, for example, not to mention Mr. Kerchner’s own “legislative analysis” of those bills. Mr. Kerchner accuses liberals of fear-mongering regarding the pandemic, but he just joined the collection of black “pots” and “kettles” in the political kitchen. 

I once took Gary Horton to task, point-for-point, on his ridiculous set of liberal “solutions” to crime and homelessness. I see Mr. Kerchner’s letter as the perfect opportunity to do the same to his “interpretation” of the 10 bills he listed. So, here we go again…let’s have some fun.

• 1: Senate Bill 871: This bill adds the COVID vaccine to the existing list as a requirement to attend school. So what? Now we’ll have 12 mandated vaccines instead of 11, and those vaccines are all FDA-approved, including COVID.

• 2: Assembly Bill 2098: Authorizes the medical board to go after and discipline doctors who spread misinformation regarding COVID and its vaccines. It merely adds COVID to an existing law prohibiting medical misinformation.  

• 3: SB866: Allows minors from the age of 12 to decide whether to get vaccinated against COVID. Existing “minor consent laws” already allow 12-year-olds and up to make a host of decisions on their own. Nothing new here.

• 4: SB920: Allows the government to inspect medical records and proceed with an investigation without patient consent. Existing law, the Medical Practice Act, allows only the medical board to investigate “malpractice” of any sort. There is no “independent party,” and the industry covers its own. Many “bad” doctors are still in practice because of that.

• 5: SB1464: Existing law already requires sheriffs and peace officers to execute all lawful orders of a department in their counties. This bill would instead require those sheriffs and peace officers to enforce those orders. The bill would additionally prohibit state funds from being provided to any law enforcement agency that publicly announces that they will oppose, or adopts a policy to oppose, a public health order. This is about law and order and that local agencies cannot arbitrarily “buck” the state.

• 6: SB1479: Just like it says, this bill requires all schools to come up with a COVID testing plan. The costs would be reimbursed to the schools by the feds through the state. And…?

• 7: SB1390: In short, this bill prohibits internet “crap.” It mirrors existing libel laws by prohibiting all sorts of previously defined nonsense on the internet and expands it to include vaccine crap, election fraud crap, and other conspiracy theory-type crap.

• 8: SB1184: Just like it says, this bill authorizes medical practitioners to disclose medical information on students to a “school-linked services coordinator” without parental consent. Privacy and confidentiality are dicey issues, to say the least. Many parents are not qualified to be parents by any civilized standard. I am in favor of erring on the side of safety and taking some of the controls out of parents’ hands until they can demonstrate that they are responsible people.

• 9: AB1797: Existing law already authorizes local health officers and the state Department of Public Health to operate immunization information systems and disclose that information as specified. This bill would add the person’s race or ethnicity to the information. Big deal.

And last, but not least…

• 10: AB1993: This is the only one of the 10 listed bills that sounds tyrannical and dictatorial on the face of it. Requiring proof of vaccination against COVID as a requirement for employment in California is patently insane. Evan Low, the Assembly member who introduced this bill, is a young maverick who’s trying to make a name for himself: a liberal fascist if there ever was one. I see this as throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks while garnering lots of attention. 

So, based on my own “legislative analysis,” which included reading the bills, I would be very tempted to investigate and discipline Mr. Kerchner under AB2098, but amended to include ALL misinformation, should it pass and get signed. 

Well, that was not only fun, Mr. Kerchner, it was also relatively easy. You’ll have to do better than that, Rob. C’mon, man, challenge me!

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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