Bill Lyons | What Happens After the Barrel?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I enjoyed Victor Corral Martinez’s article (Jan. 24) about recycling food waste. It prompted me to wonder about Santa Clarita’s overall recycling program. Every trash day, three large trucks growl up my street belching exhaust: recycle, green waste and trash. 

Does the recycle truck trundle over to a center where the debris is sorted? Do both the green waste and trash trucks go to landfills? Is all plastic recycled or just certain kinds? What are the guidelines for sorting trash at home? 

We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to be “green,” but is what we’re doing effective? It would be great if The Signal would investigate the issues and report back to us. Perhaps Mr. Martinez could take the lead?

Bill Lyons

Santa Clarita 

Editor’s note: Ask and you shall receive: On the “Home” page of today’s edition of The Signal, page A5, see Michael Picarella’s “explainer” story on what happens to your recycling and waste after you put it in the barrel. 

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