Girl Scouts build owl boxes to help wildlife

Girl Scout Troop 546 delivers six owl boxes to the city of Santa Clarita. Courtesy photo.

By Laura Drake 
Troop 546 Leader 

Earlier in the year, local Girl Scout Troop 546 worked diligently to earn their Bronze Award, the third-highest award in Girl Scouts of the USA for girls in fourth to fifth grade, by building six barn owl boxes to help with the local wildlife. 

Eleven of the girls in the troop, the troop leader Laura, and co-troop leader Jackie worked with the city of Santa Clarita volunteer department to build the boxes. The girls wanted to do something that would benefit the wildlife in our local area after all the fires last year displaced many animals.  

The troop purchased all the necessary supplies with money raised from selling Girl Scout cookies the previous year. Troop 546 constructed all six owl boxes, working together using woodshop skills, budgeting, teamwork, planning, mathematics, and hard work over three months’ time.  

Here are some quotes from the girls on the experience: 

• Emma: “I had a very fun time making the owl boxes and I hope the owls are safer now.” 

• Mia: “It was so fun making the owl boxes and I hope the owls are safer because we are providing them homes.”  

• Kylie: “I really liked making the owl boxes because in my head I was thinking about how we are saving and helping owls. And we got to use power drills!” 

• Bella: “Owls are important for our community, and we should do our best effort to help them.” 

• Liliana: “I hope that more owls can find homes. I had a great time making the owl boxes.” 

• Jaelyn: “It was so fun making the owl boxes because I like helping our indigenous animals.”  

• Kristin: “It was great making the owl boxes and I hope it provides shelter for many owls.” 

• Addy: “It was great making the owl boxes and I’m glad we made them because now the owls are safe from the rain.”  

• Lexi: “It was fun making them. Especially because we were able to give an owl a home.”  

• Grace: “It was really fun making the owl boxes because I know we were able to help lots of owls have new homes.”  

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