Lois Eisenberg | Where Has the Grand Ol’ GOP Gone?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The truth is not on the agenda of the GOP, and they are destroying the American (republic) democracy.

Where have all the long-ago Grand Old Party Republicans gone, who are long in coming?

The old boys had integrity, morals, ethics, honor as their principles, and abided by the Constitution.

We now have the likes of Kevin McCarthy and his cohorts who are now strangling integrity, morals, ethics and the truth right out of the hearts of the American people.

McCarthy’s lies and deceptions have been recorded on audiotapes just as Richard Nixon’s were captured on tapes, and at that time it was a capital offense.

This Republican Party is a different breed now. Their accountability is “anathema” to the former president’s corrupt political brand.

Donald Trump has McCarthy dangling on a string and one yank on that string, the gavel might not strike.

The old boy Republicans held honor and principles on their sleeves.

This present Republican Party has no Lincolns, McCains, etc.

When you want power, privilege and perks, you listen to your “lesser angels,” as have the present Republican Party.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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