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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was pleased to be mentioned in Mr. Arthur Saginian’s letter entitled, “Vaccination Letter Misread” on April 22.  Of the people who regularly write letters to The Signal, Mr. Saginian is my favorite. His letters are reasoned and reasonable. I appreciate his lack of partisanship. I appreciate that he shows us his polite side. Perhaps I would be a bit fearful of the real version.   

Mr. Saginian, I fully agree with your self-assessment. In my opinion, you are a very sharp thinker and writer. That is not to say that I always agree with you. However, I am always entertained and often enlightened by your writing. You have Style (Capital “S” intentional).  

Only one small quibble. In keeping with your lack of belief in a God, perhaps you should choose a different exclamation than “Good Lord.” “Good Gravy” might cover it better. I confess I might be missing a subtle reference to the potential miracle of Mr. Thomas Oatway and Mr. Gary Horton being placated and silenced that might cause you to believe there is a God. I congratulate you on another highly entertaining letter.

Michael Sandeen
Canyon Country

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