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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I just finished listening to (Joe Biden) and his pathetic speech regarding mass shootings in light of the most recent one in Texas. The president mentions God’s name several times and says nothing. 

The easiest way to stop and eliminate those AR-15’s and such weapons is for Congress and the Senate to give up taking bribes from weapon manufacturers. Start caring for the many people who have died and will die in the future if you don’t get off your lazy duffs and start passing laws that ban the manufacture of those weapons. The bodies and blood of those victims rest in your laps and on your hands.

Please save all your rhetoric and political spin about the Constitution and start doing your job by putting a stop to all this madness. If you have to live off of the gun makers to make your rent then you don’t belong in Congress or the Senate, and I call upon the voters to vote you out of office and let’s get someone in your place who cares. 

One taxpayer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni

Longtime Santa Clarita resident

Tullahoma, Indiana 

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