Gary Curtis | Biden’s Silent Surrender to WHO

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Joe Biden administration apparently wants to hand over the sovereign power of our country to handle our own “public health emergencies” to the U.N.’s related World Health Organization and its incompetent leadership, with their recent COVID-19 history of subservience to the Chinese Communist Party. If the pandemic taught us anything, it certainly taught us not to trust the WHO and make it more powerful. Please notice the following facts.

First, on Jan. 18, the Biden administration submitted amendments to the International Health Regulations, which were to be considered at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. These amendments will, among other things, grant unilateral authority to declare public health emergencies of international or regional concern to the WHO’s director general. This would be a dangerous and unprecedented transfer of powers that belong to the United States and not unelected U.N.-related technocrats.

Second, in addition to these new IHR amendments, the Biden administration supports a new international pandemic “instrument” over the next two years, which is intended to confer extensive and increasing powers to the WHO, which has demonstrated gross incompetence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If these IHR amendments — and a possible pandemic treaty — move forward, it will further empower the WHO’s top-down, technocratic decision-making structure that shows little respect for human rights, as guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution! Because these are “amendments” to IHR “regulations,” the Biden Administration has avoided presenting them for congressional approval or even advice.

Third, the administration has continued to extend the national “public health emergency” by 90 days since it was first imposed in March 2020. The government’s “goodies” and services related to the pandemic have long been seen as wasteful and unneeded now. Once politicians and bureaucrats gain power over states and their citizens, they don’t want to give it up. The current extension of the emergency action is to expire mid-July –— unless it is again extended, so the administration can autocratically give out more “stuff” to influence the November elections!

Please express your concerns to our two senators and your representative!

Gary Curtis


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