Mike Woodings | Neighborly Disagreement?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was personally pleased to read that The Signal endorsed our congressman, Mike Garcia, for reelection to continue his fine record of representing all citizens of our district, even those who do not like him.  

I apparently have a neighbor who falls into the category of the latter. Last evening, I observed that someone had trespassed on HOA property to gain access to the Mike Garcia campaign sign I attached to my property back fence facing the street below. The sign was defaced by black spray paint with a moronic message. The resulting vandalism on top of the trespassing has clearly not changed my support of Mike Garcia for U.S. Congress. 

I must assume the wayward painter is wayward in much more than his artistic expression. If said painter would wish to discuss politics in a more lawful manner, I am available. Simply drop by. I am easy to find with a Mike Garcia for U.S. Congress sign on my front lawn as well. 

Let no one assume liberals are in fact liberal. Even the liberal media shows how intolerant liberals can be when things do not go their way. I thank The Signal for its well-stated endorsement for Mike Garcia’s reelection. I end by stating in terms even a liberal might understand: My vote, my choice. 

Yes, I will vote in June and November for Mike Garcia!

Mike Woodings

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