Rob Kerchner | Another Shyster with a D

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Now we know. Hillary Clinton concocted Russiagate out of whole cloth in order to deflect attention from her own illegalities, ordered her lackeys to send it to the media (and then the FBI), hyped it in the campaign while pretending she learned about it FROM the media, and launched a divisive wild goose chase with terrorist-level FISA wiretaps that ended in Robert Mueller’s worthless witchhunt. 


Anyone who ever voted for this horrid woman should hang their head in shame.

But they won’t. Instead they’ll just vote for the next shyster with a “D” after their name. In fact, they already have. His name is Joe Biden, and his “for sale” signs (and senility, creepiness and ineptitude) were apparent long BEFORE they voted for him.

Rob Kerchner

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