Rudy Herrera | Term Limits Needed for Council

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Letters to the Editor
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In reading my ballot for the June 7 primary, the topic of term limits comes to mind. 

The American people overwhelmingly support “term limits.” Some polls show that as much as 80% of the American populace wants term limits in all levels of government. 

Term limits are not something new and are not an invention of the last 100 years.

Historically speaking, ancient Athens was the first society to place a two-year lifetime limit on public service by citizen politicians on the Council of 500. The Greeks believed that more people would seek public office with limited terms and that tyranny would be prevented. Our own Founding Fathers discussed “rotation” in office as congressional term limits were then called. Some were for, and some were against and ultimately term limits were rejected. Today, some believe term limits are unconstitutional and others believe that term limits happen organically when people get out and vote out ineffective politicians. 

We have a “rotation” problem in Santa Clarita. Everyone knows it, yet for some reason no one discusses the 800-pound gorilla in the city out loud. We all talk about it privately. We all know it’s an issue. We have rotated the same City Council members on the City Council for DECADES. People may not know this by the candidates’ use of 20-year-old campaign photos in their current campaigns. 

As an example, Marsha McLean has been the city’s mayor FOUR times. She has been on the City Council for 20 years. She took office in 2002, when George W. Bush was president! Yes, that long ago.

We see what the lack of term limits has done in Washington, D.C., with current representatives and their length of time in office: Chuck Schumer (41 years); Nancy Pelosi (35 years); Mitch McConnell (37 years); Patrick Leahy (47 years); Chuck Grassley (41 years). What a disservice to America and their constituents. To us. 

It has been a long time coming that the Santa Clarita City Council have new leadership. 

Until recently, no one has stepped up and the community has been stuck with the same people.

We aren’t the same city we were 20 years ago. I for one am excited for this upcoming mid-term election in November. Recycling the same career City Council members over and over leads to stagnant, unproductive, blurred-vision representation. 

We need to elect NEW leaders who can take us into the next decade with intelligence, strength, new ideas and vitality.

I am excited that energetic newcomers like Denise Lite are willing to step up and do what it takes to put her hat in the ring.

Someone who TRULY loves this city and has the city’s best interests at heart would not be running for a SIXTH term in their 80s. 

That is just selfish. and not reflective of someone who has the city’s best interests in mind.

Rudy Herrera


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