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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mark Esper is trying to cleanse his reputation with a new tell-all book following his stint as Donald Trump’s secretary of defense. He makes late claims of Trump’s outrageous and impulsive ideas, including shooting Black Lives Matter protesters in the legs, sending 250,000 active duty soldiers to the southern border, and firing missiles into Mexico to hit the drug cartels. Esper joins a long list of at least 22 former Trump administration officials who have tried to cash in with book deals. All failed to call out Trump when on the job. I am not buying any of it. Trump was an idiotic, incompetent, immoral president for all four years of his presidency. Why not quit and immediately call him out? This is what any real patriot would and should do.

The damage of a Trump presidency is still being felt, with a country divided like never before. To think that there are Republicans who might support him for a second term is almost incomprehensible. Our only hope is a prosecution and conviction of Trump for one of many felonies during his term in office. A felony conviction is perhaps the only protection from Trump holding office again. 

Meanwhile, I am dreading the next tell-all book. Will it be from Melania, Don Jr., or Ivanka Trump? 

Thomas Oatway


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