Arthur Saginian | Power: Humanity’s Disease

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rick Barker’s May 18 letter spoke of the politics of abortion. It was very well thought out and written, and basically spoke to the truth of the matter — politics aside. Rob Kerchner’s letter spoke of Twitter, the right to express oneself, and the politics of censorship. Corey Fredrickson spoke of water, desalination plants and short-sighted politicians. Am I seeing a pattern here, a common thread? Yes, I think I am.

Beyond the very basics of life, things like the weather, traffic, sports and the stock market, things that cannot be debated or disputed because they simply are what they are and there is very little if anything that can be done to control them, beyond those simple basics is the world I have come to call the world of politics and power. And everything else in life, not the basics I just mentioned, but things like abortion rights, censorship and infrastructure, are tools that are used by politicians to obtain and gain more power. In and of themselves those issues are as easy to solve as an algebra equation, but politics deliberately and intentionally complicates them into causes for division, confrontation and even conflict.

We are being divided. It’s a strategy that was used by the Romans to conquer others and to keep them conquered. The Romans have become our modern politicians. We have become the barbarians and we are being divided to fight over every little thing to keep us busy and distracted. Our petty struggles over scraps are what our lives are about. That keeps the “Romans” in power, and that’s all their lives are about. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s how humans do things. It’s our disease.

The letters that are submitted to The Signal merely report the symptoms of our disease, a disease that is as incurable as heredity.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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