Brian Richards | Amnesia or Ignorance?

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Letters to the Editor
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Of the limitless amount of things regressives blame on President Donald Trump, the construct of the current Supreme Court tops the list in many cases. They claim that since Trump was elected in 2016 he was able to change the dynamic of the court because he was able to nominate and get confirmed three of his choices for associate justice to the Supreme Court. Those justices have turned out to be exactly what was expected of them, constitutionalists.

 Where my question of amnesia or ignorance comes to mind is their misguided rage at Trump on the the current makeup of the Supreme Court. We would not have the three Trump nominees we have on the court today, two at most, and the left would have one additional liberal on the court, if it weren’t for one Harry Reid. In 2013 Harry Reid, along with 51 of his leftist colleagues, changed the Senate rules so that instead of 60 votes to confirm district judges and members of the cabinet, it would be a simple majority going forward. Sen. Reid was warned that this may come back to haunt him in the future. Fortunately for conservatives, he paid these warnings no mind. Thus, when Trump was elected and Republicans controlled the Senate, the roles were reversed and Republicans voted to use a simple majority for Supreme Court nominees. Today we have Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney-Barrett as justices because of that rule change. Had Reid and the short-sighted Democrats kept the rules as they were, Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed and Coney-Barrett’s confirmation would not have happened so close to an election and the left would have one additional liberal on the court today. 

One would think a sentient being would learn from this lesson, but not today’s Democrats! Many of them want to pack the court, adding enough justices so decisions always go their way. They simply can’t understand that if they pack the court nothing would prevent Republicans one day from doing the same. It just never occurs to them, despite recent history of the tactic biting them in the behind. There are also calls to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate on high-ticket Democrat priorities like abortion and global warming. Again, this would be a foolish and short-sighted gimmick because the same rule could be applied to reverse anything they think they accomplished. Worse for them, imagine the Republican priorities they could pass were the Congress and presidency in Republican hands? 

Today’s Democrats are not wise in the ways of these forward-looking concepts. They can complain and whine all they want about the Supreme Court and Trump, but we have only one person to thank, Harry Reid! So on behalf of half the country, may I offer a posthumous thank you to Sen. Reid and the shortsightedness of the Democrat Party! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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