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Diane Zimmerman | Your Body? Make Better Choices

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Any biologist can tell you that only the female of the species can get pregnant, just in case you didn’t realize that. I mean, a nominee for the Supreme Court was unable to give an answer as to “what a woman is.”

Pregnant girl or woman: “My body, my choice!” 

Fetus: “My body, YOUR choice!” 

Think about that for a bit. Takes a second or two to realize the unfairness of all of this. The fetus had no say in becoming a fetus. That was the mother making a choice at the time of its inception (in most cases). 

Now, of course, there are times when the mother had no choice in the matter. She may have been raped. 

Well, let’s talk about this: Do you think it’s possible that the female who shouts out “My body, my choice!” could have made better “choices”?  

Let’s say an egg turns into a fetus (the beginning of a human male or female). 

OK, now a choice has to be made. Does the woman or girl want to carry this baby (fetus) for up to nine months and deliver a healthy boy or girl (the only two choices available)? 

This raises some questions: 

Is the mother in love with the father? 

Did the mother choose to have (unprotected sex with) some guy she simply had a fling with and didn’t really wait to get to know and really like or love? 

Does the mother just like sex? 

This seems the plausible answer in many cases where the female finds herself to be pregnant. There are an awful lot of women who have multiple children with different partners and, sadly, can’t tell the children who their father is, who are being brought up in homes with no fathers. 

Keep in mind, sometimes “protection” is used and a stubborn little egg turns into a fetus, playing either a happy or sad trick on the couple. 

Worst case, the woman or girl is raped. That means she did NOT make a choice that could result in a fetus! 

Now, most people believe that when the fetus’ heart begins to beat, that fetus becomes a baby boy or girl (the only two choices) within the mother’s womb. The baby has feelings, the baby can feel pain, the baby can feel comfort and all those other little things that make a tiny human being. Unfortunately, the baby has to count on its mother to decide whether it gets brought into this world and is allowed to grow and make “choices” of its own. It’s called life! 

Remember: This is my opinion (along with the opinion of multi-millions of others). 

Also, remember: Most of you females got yourselves into this situation of your own free will. 

Where did the mindset come from that, without some real feelings that a lot of us refer to as “love,” you should use this “gift” you were born with without any concern for the very possible results of producing another human being? Think about that! 

There are so many women who would give anything to bring a little boy or girl in to this world, have the privilege of watching them grow into the man or woman they would become. 

There are so many women, like me, who have had the heartbreak of one or more miscarriages. 

I lost two at three months and one at six months. Each one nearly destroyed me. 

I was fortunate that two survived and grew into wonderful men with wonderful families. It took a long time for me to get over each miscarriage. I can not imagine a woman voluntarily “aborting” a child for any reason other than rape or the health of the mother or the child being in grave danger. Any abortion performed for other reasons is murder once a heartbeat is detected, in my view. 

How a woman can live with that is beyond me. 

Especially when so many couples try so desperately to adopt a baby that is born to a woman (or girl) who is in no position to take care of a child. Countless numbers of adopted children have grown into beautiful men or women with happy lives because of the wonderful parents who adopted them and made them their own. 

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture I am painting here. 

“My body, my choice!” How about you “make better choices”? 

Stop the murder of innocent babies. Take responsibility for your actions. 

If, in the end, you feel abortion is the way for you, don’t let it be murder. Abort BEFORE a heartbeat is felt in that little fetus that is a living human being inside of you. 

Who knows if he or she had been able to choose “life” what he or she might have done to make this crazy world a better place.      

Diane Zimmerman
Santa Clarita

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