Gary Morrison | A Rebuttal to a Rebuttal to a Rebuttal

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Re: Diane Zimmerman, Letters, July 20.

OK Diane, I’ll only mention your name once here, so you’ll have no reason to feel honored. Why you would consider my using your name three times in a row to be an honorific, is beyond me. As to your statement that I used the triple name thing in the past, it is nonsense. I’ve gone through all my letters, dating back four years, and found no other occasion. 

I think we’ve had about as much fun as possible out of the topics discussed. You have assumed many things about me. For what it’s worth, yes I am a (shudder) DEMOCRAT! We used to be considered the opposition, but of late your guys use the term interchangeably with “enemy.” I think George Gascón is an idiot. For your own edification, please look up the words communist, socialist and fascist, before you use them again. 

Guilty! I don’t like Donald Trump! When he speaks he sounds more like the head of the Gennovese family than the leader of 300-plus million people.

In the past, I have asked, politely, for your evidence and examples for your claims. Most recently for your claim that Dr. Anthony Fauci was the co-creator of COVID. Every time you have responded with vague references to “millions of people,” or in this case “thousands of renowned doctors.” Those are not proofs or evidence. That is marketing, like Donald Trump saying, “People are saying,” or, “I’ve been hearing.” Who are those people and do they really know anything?

Maybe you and I (should) see if we can find something to agree on.

Gary Morrison


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