Katelyn E. Crow | Saddened By School Findings

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am a resident of Santa Clarita and my daughter will be starting kindergarten this fall. As a result, my husband and I toured the local elementary school in April. We understand that the school is a highly rated school, and a good school from an academic perspective. After touring the school, I can honestly say the facility is absolutely beautiful. Our tax dollars were put to great use. 

That being said, my heart was saddened by what we witnessed and the conversation we had with the principal. I’m not the most assertive person. However, after seeing student pictures saying, “I dream of a world where love is love,” and several critical-race-theory-related books on display in the library, including one titled, “Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice,” I asked the principal if gender identity issues are being taught in the school. 

Sadly, she struggled to answer my question. She managed to tell me, after a long pause and fumbling, that the school is teaching “acceptance” to students in kindergarten and first grade as those kids are “realizing their differences.” She honestly told me, yes, the school is teaching kids about gender identity in fourth and fifth grade, when the teachers cover puberty. 

I have always been a proponent of public school, and to be completely honest, I never understood why parents sent their children to private school when that money could be saved for college. That said, it became very clear to me and my husband that public school has changed. 

I’ve read through the school district curriculum, and although it does not include critical race theory or gender identity, touring the school confirmed that these issues are in fact being taught in practice. At some point our schools, including this local elementary school, have become less concerned about reading, writing and arithmetic, and more concerned about pushing certain ideologies and political agendas on our children. 

My daughter has attended a local preschool that included a very diverse population of students. She has never once asked me why some people look different than her. Why would I want to teach her that appearances matter? She sees people the way we all should, equally. 

As a Christian, I am strongly against the idea that people can choose their gender. Nonetheless, I truly believe we are called to love everyone the way Christ has loved us, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or what gender an individual believes they are. 

That all being said, why are children being taught adult issues? Why are we confusing them and denying facts about how we are biologically made? 

My husband and I had been praying for months, asking God for a clear answer about where to send our daughter. After touring the local elementary school, we got that answer. 

We will send our daughter to private school, where they will let her be a kid and not teach her things that are beyond her years, where they will teach her that God created man and woman, and teach her that we are all equally created in the image of God, no matter our race or gender. 

I have sent a letter to the school principal, the district superintendent and the school board president, citing the reasons above for why our daughter will not be attending the school this fall. 

I realize that the elementary school is a highly sought-after school, and they have plenty of kids planning to attend this coming school year. They may not care that our daughter will not be coming to the school because of what is being taught there, but I feel I would not be doing my duty as her mother if I did explain our position to both the school and the community. 

I send this letter to encourage parents to do their homework, to inform parents in the community what is being taught in some Santa Clarita schools, and for the many innocent children who just want to be kids. 

Katelyn E. Crowe 


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