Lois Eisenberg | Global Warming Warnings Coming True

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Nowhere is it safe from the extreme heat that the U.S., Canada and Europe are experiencing.

These heat wave conditions have been predicted for decades. All things that the scientists have been telling us for decades would happen are happening. In the Northern Hemisphere, records are being broken due to the unprecedented heat.

Heat is known to kill more Americans than any other weather-related disasters, and the climate crisis has been making these extreme heat wave events more deadly. Heat waves have outpaced hurricane deaths by more than 15-1 over the past decade, and hot temperatures outpace cold records.

Extreme heat is an infrastructure crisis, a health crisis and a social and equity crisis. Extreme heat exacerbates and stagnates pollution and smoke. Smaller mammals and birds are unable to cool themselves, forest fires burn hotter and worsen air quality. Life will worsen due to the impact of extreme temperatures and if we can’t beat this heat, is this the beginning of the end? These heat waves with their extreme temperatures are the greatest threats facing humanity.

So I say to climate change and global warming deniers, get off the “hot seat” (pun intended) and stop denying climate change and global warming. Cool down (pun intended) your extreme denial outlook about this destructive matter and help us all solve this problem.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita 

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