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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

With all of the (letters to the editor) concerning firearms and new legislation to control their ownership and usage I thought I might make the following suggestion to some. 

As it is very obvious that a few contributors in general and Mr. (Thomas) Oatway in particular know absolutely NOTHING about firearms, perhaps they might find it useful to take an afternoon and head up to the Oak Tree Gun Club here in the valley and take a shooting class from one of their qualified instructors. The club is also a federally licensed dealer in firearms, is owned by two wonderful ladies, and they have a pretty large variety of both new and used firearms in their inventory that their people would be more than happy to show and explain their function. 

Wouldn’t that be an incredibly novel idea to actually have a basic understanding of something that you are so obviously obsessed with?

And here’s another novel idea. How about downloading and actually READING the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions BEFORE you start telling others what they say and don’t say? 

Rick Barker 


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