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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Gary Morrison, “Let’s Make it More Difficult to Kill,” letters, July 13.

I respect Mr. Morrison’s passionate and well-meaning views on this topic and don’t totally disagree with his logic. But as I have pointed out in past articles on here, by definition criminals DO NOT obey laws and even a casual look at the history of every society that has ever existed on the planet will show you that people will always find a way to dispatch their fellow human beings if that’s what they have decided to do. 

Would Mr. Morrison and others feel better if this scumbag had used a bomb or driven a truck through that crowd, killing and injuring probably even more people than he did using a rifle? Or if the other scumbag in Texas would have carried in cans of gasoline, set fire to the school rooms and killed all those kids and teachers… or used a shotgun, which is a much more efficient weapon in close quarters like those school rooms? 

I stand by my previous statement that laws are “after the fact” instruments and also on my observation of how useless laws “banning” things are. Remind me again how effective all of the drug laws have been at preventing drugs from being readily available in every city in this country. 

Rick Barker 


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