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Letters to the Editor
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In re: Thomas Oatway, “Garcia Vote Disqualifies,” July 8:

Once again it would appear Mr. Oatway seldom if ever bothers accurately quoting people nor does he take the time to do even cursory research on topics that he obviously cares about… or claims to, anyway. 

Anyone interested in the actual statement made by Rep. Mike Garcia regarding the last presidential election can easily find with a quick search on the internet in general and his congressional web site in particular where he stated quite clearly that his one and only concern with the election in Pennsylvania and Arizona was that neither of those two states followed their own constitutionally mandated process, a fact that several of their own Democrat legislators admitted to publicly. According to each of these states, they altered their balloting process due to COVID-19  by allowing the governor to do it rather than going through the lengthy process of having it done by the actual authorized entity, which would have been their elected legislatures. Was that “technically illegal”? Absolutely. And that is what Rep. Garcia objected to. Not the outcome, just the process. 

It would be refreshing if people on both sides of the aisle were equally concerned over our elections being held according to the proper procedures put in place by the U.S. and the state constitutions and our elected legislators. 

Rick Barker

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