Robert Lamoureux | Help! The heat and our AC bill are killing us!

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux
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Question: Robert, this heat is killing us! It’s killing us with discomfort of course, but we need to do something about running our air conditioner 24/7.  

I remember you mentioning something that goes into the attic that helps at night, but not sure what that was. Could you go over this again so we have a refresher please, and then maybe we can get some financial relief as well? Thank you for your help.  

— John D.  

Answer: John, of course, not a problem. What I’ve written about on several occasions is a whole house fan. This is a larger item with a good amount of power, which is installed in the attic space of your home.  

Not all homes have enough space for them so you’ll need to have your home evaluated if you have a small crawl space. The fan pulls in the cooler outside air (generally once the evening with cooler temps arrives) from one or more open windows, pulls it up into the attic space where the venting then forces it outdoors.  

Generally, the home accumulates warm air during the heat of the day, and this fan essentially recirculates air from the outside. In the process, the warm air that has been trapped in the walls of your home is evacuated and overnight your home has been cooled down with much less energy than what an air conditioning unit uses.  

In many cases you can recoup the cost of purchase and installation within one summer, depending.  

I highly recommend this if your home allows for it. They are so comforting not only in temperature reduction but you also get fresh air. Best of luck to you. 

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