Ronald Perry | Biden’s Terrific Job?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Lois, Lois, Lois (Eisenberg), I think you need to be careful who you call a “mark” as you did in your letter Tuesday, June 21. It seems to me that it has come back to bite you pretty hard.

President Joe Biden has all of your ilk as “marks,” because if you will stop Trump Hating for just long enough, you will be able to see what a wonderful job Mr. Biden has done.

He has successfully gotten us out of Afghanistan with only a few of our soldiers getting killed. (By the way, I just heard what a wonderful job they are doing of processing those Afghans into our country! As of this morning, 80% of them have NOT even been processed yet!) Meanwhile, his policies have allowed tens of thousands of illegal aliens to come into our country and has done nothing to stop it.

Mr. Biden alone, by his actions, has caused prices on gasoline to rise over $2.20 per gallon since his inauguration. And on June 20, he said it could be a good thing, part of the plan to force us into electric cars. “We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just electric vehicles but across the board,” Biden told the crowd of reporters.

His policies have allowed the Russians to destroy Ukraine by not acting fast enough when Russia was building up troops at the border. He let Vladimir Putin threaten us when we should have been standing up to him.

All of his liberal policies (and those who follow him) have allowed crime to run rampant. Police are quitting because they are getting shot, people on probation are getting guns and killing more people. No one is being held accountable unless they are conservative. Where are all the headlines of trials for the liberals who burned federal buildings in Oregon? There are none!

Lois, were you happy to see everyone getting check after check from the government? Money the government doesn’t have.

We are trillions of dollars in debt and liberal minds just want to keep giving more away. College loans paid off, for some; guaranteed income, for some; reparations for having ancestors who were slaves (in California, yet). By the way, I’m white and my ancestors were slaves!

So I would ask you again, Lois: Who is the “mark” here? 

Ronald Perry
Canyon Country

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