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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was reading the Aug. 6 article about the fire insurance increase for the Cimmaron Oaks condominiums. It stated it was unknown, at that time, whether surrounding properties have also seen a similar spike. The answer is yes, and worse. 

I live in Double C Ranch and I, as well as several neighbors, have had our homeowners insurance canceled. We have been with AAA for about 18 years and received notice this year that our policy would not be renewed due to wildfire danger. Subsequently, our earthquake insurance was also canceled, because “without homeowner’s insurance, we can’t insure your property.” Of course, to add insult to injury, our car insurance premiums went up 15.7% because we were no longer bundled. We had paid in full, but they added that 15.7% surcharge to the months between our homeowners cancellation and our auto insurance renewal date. Our neighbors were with other companies who also canceled existing policies, many as longstanding and claim-free as ours. There was a fire a few years ago that I believe started on the freeway, then spread to homes below us on The Old Road. I do not know anybody on The Old Road, so I don’t know their status. Nobody on our street has ever experienced a fire loss to my knowledge.

We had a difficult time procuring new insurance because of the perceived fire threat. The few companies that would insure us had exorbitant premiums. One company would insure us as long as we had the California Fair Plan. Fair Plan? Our premiums would have increased from $1,516 to $5,256! We finally found a company through Costco that is out of Utah and they insured us. We’re paying $2,401.

I had read an article from a former California state insurance commissioner decrying the insurance companies for canceling by ZIP code instead of by individual property addresses. He thinks it is a despicable practice and should not be allowed. Too bad he’s the FORMER commissioner.

Dee Ann Wood

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