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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Morrison, letters, July 30.

You sure used a lot of precious words to get to your point at the beginning of your rant about my rebuttal to your rebuttal. 

I do not believe you to be a true Democrat. True Democrats pretty much believe as the Republicans who are not too far right. Just to clear that up for you: The Democratic Party has, I believe, been overwhelmed with so-called socialist Democrats. You may want to look that up. The least they (pretty sure you, too) could have done is start their own party and not invade the true Democratic Party. So you have your “socialist Dems” and we have our “RINOs.” Either way, those two groups need to find another country more to their liking than our United States. 

One thing that has me thinking you may not fit in the category above is your admission that you think George Gascón is an idiot! You THINK? Kinda makes me rethink you still belong in a group above. 

You said, “For your own edification, please look up words communist, socialist and fascist.” 

Thanks for the suggestion. Here ya go: 

Basic concepts: A “socialist” is akin to a fascist, for their government seeks to dictate control. They do not pretend to own private property. Communists seize all private property and place it in the hands of the state. There is no freedom whatsoever. 

Fascists view the world as a military state. In this context, they see the goal as the total mobilization of society, and as such, the state becomes a dictator. This is closer to socialists, who view private property as subject to the permission of the state and as a national resource to redistribute to those who do not earn what they receive. 

Under socialism, the state assumes the capability to manage the economy, but if they do not understand how it functions, they are incapable of managing the outcome. So socialists and fascists have a lot in common, whereas communism just robs everyone and deprives the individual of the freedom to even choose their own career path. 

As for Anthony Fauci, COVID, etc., you sound smart enough to know the real facts yourself. 

I, too, hope we can find something we can agree on. I mean that sincerely. 

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita

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