Jane Harper | Troop 316 Needs Your Help

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Letters to the Editor
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Dear Santa Clarita community: We are seeking your help as we are calling all Santa Clarita families who want an opportunity to grow our country’s next generation of leaders. Boy Scout Troop 316 was founded in March 1999. The troop number is rooted in a very famous biblical verse. This wonderful troop has created many great young men by teaching them leadership skills and enabled them to be successful in life. We have had so many young men achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout, which has helped them in their educational pursuits. For example, Andrew Dever was the 57th Eagle from Troop 316 and he, along with two other young men from our troop, was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy. This is just one example of how Troop 316 is building the next generation of leaders for our country.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed everything and our troop is now struggling as our leaders and many of our troop members have left or moved away. If you want to give back to our community and become a troop leader, or have a young person who would be interested in growing strong leadership skills, we would like to extend an invitation to you to check out our troop. We meet each Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Northpark Community Church. Check out our website www.troopwebhost316.org or our Facebook page, Troop 316 Valencia. Thank you. 

Jane Harper

Troop 316, Rank Advancement Chair

Santa Clarita

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