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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There are three articles on the Aug. 9 opinion page that really hit home with me and I hope others will have really read them and formed an opinion as well. 

Jonathan Kraut: “Who owns the body of a woman?” 

There is a simple answer to this question. SHE DOES. Conservatives are constantly arguing that the government should stay out of our personal lives. And yet they want to tell others, through the government, that women don’t have a say about their own bodies! The best sign I have seen on this subject is: “He who does not have ovaries should not make laws for those who do” (Fallopians 5:12). 

Dan Walters: “Taxpayers subsidize A’s Ballpark.” 

This article reports the kind of control government has today! One person can slip something into a bill that costs the taxpayers of California $279.5 million and nobody reads the entire bill before it is passed and signed by the governor. Mr. Gavin Newsom, this is totally on you and your staff! I hope all of you Newsom supporters will enjoy using this new ballpark! By the way, the stadium will seat 35,000 fans and there are approximately 7.5 million taxpayers in California who are paying for it! 

Patrick Daems: “What became of Compromise?” 

Right on, Patrick! My concern for some time has been that we in America have forgotten how to compromise. Everyone seems to feel “I have to be right.” In federal government there must surely be some way to compromise on controlling our borders, or dealing with homelessness, or our influence in the world, or so, so, many other important issues. Thank you for your important article. 

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country 

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