Bill Lyons | China Going Green?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

While the United States, and California in particular, strives to reduce CO2 emissions, China isn’t. According to The Wall Street Journal, estimates indicate China has 258 new coal-fired power plants either proposed, permitted or under construction! To support the expanding number of coal-fired plants, China has 174 new coal mines either proposed, permitted or under construction. In the past six years, China’s emissions have increased 11% while the U.S. has cut emissions by 6%. 

All this poses the question: Do Californians really expect to save the planet by going to electric cars? Want to really cut emissions? Simple, boycott all Chinese products. Sure, we’ll pay more and many products don’t have Chinese options. But, if we are serious about climate change, we’ll need to do something meaningful. Boycott Chinese products!

Bill Lyons

Santa Clarita 

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