Juanita Fitzgerald | Boston Wasn’t Exaggerating

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

John Boston’s column on Sept. 9 was right on! For those readers who think he was exaggerating, he was not.

Many years ago we were mainly ranches, dairies and fields of crops. Few trees graced our valley. Only a few housing tracts were here and most and most swimming pools were free-standing. 

As the song says, “They tore down paradise and built a parking lot.”

But, paradise was hot in the summer. Once, The Signal printed a picture of the letters melting off a street sign. I believe it was on Lyons Avenue. 

Also, a few times people sent in pictures of eggs frying on sidewalks. 

As a person who has lived in Saugus more than 50 years, I must say I still don’t mind the heat or cold. It is the daily wind that seems new this past year, and the masses of mosquitoes this year that drives me indoors. 

Juanita Fitzgerald


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