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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A simple comparison of Rep. Mike Garcia’s campaign principles and the priorities of his Democrat opponent, Christy Smith, reveals a clear choice: capitalism (private ownership) or socialism (government ownership). Smith’s priorities show her strong socialist focus: A) health care access for all (e.g., single-payer health care plan, including illegal aliens?); B) education with a “level playing field” for all (regardless of ability or cost?); C) climate change (support of the radical California Green New Deal — concern for costs?); and D) jobs creation (in an equitable economy — a socialist’s financial equity). 

Lastly, Smith’s socialist posture was unmistakable when she received endorsement by the honorary chair (Dolores Huerta) of the Democratic Socialists of America. Smith called Huerta “an inspiration to me.” However, democratic socialism is deceptive. Simply put, it is nothing but socialism, with big government, high taxes and national high debt paying for the above four examples of Ms. Smith’s priorities. 

In a striking contrast, Congressman Garcia is running his campaign through solid capitalism-driven principles. Four of his eight principles demonstrate the negative impact of socialism on a formerly healthy national economy, with Mike’s actions in each): 

Economy and Jobs 

• Demonstrates leadership history (small business owner, former Raytheon Corp. vice president, 20-year Naval officer) with proven job creation for women and minorities locally and in Congress. 

• Advocates small government to assure a stronger capitalist-driven economy. 

• Opposes liberal policies like California’s Assembly Bill 5 with its worker- and small-business-crushing effects. 


• Resists liberals’ practice of tax and spend, big government and bloated bureaucracy (e.g., Joe Biden hiring an additional 87,000 IRS agents, a strongarm approach to collect more taxes). 

• Fights California high gas/property taxes; cheers 2017 tax cuts and Proposition 13 senior home protection. 

Inflation and Cost of Living 

• Introduced the Inflation Prevention Act in Congress. 

• Condemns progressive spending over $10 trillion, an inflation stimulant. 

National Debt 

• Pushed for a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget. 

• Stresses the urgent danger of over $30 trillion in national debt. Interest payments will soon exceed our military and Medicaid budgets. The biggest threat to our national security is debt. 

These four campaign principles are directly impacted by Democrat socialists as described above. A vote for Congressman Mike Garcia on Nov. 8 will help take back the majority in Congress and reverse highly damaging socialist policies. 

Larry Bustetter


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