Lois Eisenberg | What Are You People Afraid of?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Definition of a book: Something that yields knowledge or understanding.

Why would anyone want to put a stop to obtaining knowledge and understanding? What are you people afraid of?

In some states, books about American heroes are being banned in classrooms. What are you people afraid of?

More than 300 books by predominantly Black authors discussing race, gender and sexuality have been banned across the country. What are you people afraid of?

There is this (Oklahoma) bill, HB 1775, that bans schools requiring or making part of a course any material that declares “one race or sex is inherently superior to another.”

What are you people afraid of ?

HB 1775 is trying to ban some books from the school curriculum about telling the truth about some of America’s bad and ugly history.

What are you people afraid of?

The political party on the right is advocating HB 1775, attacking books that are giving knowledge and understanding of American history, whether it be good or bad. What are you people afraid of ?

What is needed is to protect the rights of the teachers to tell the truth about American history and protect the students in receiving the truth about the good, bad and ugly no matter what has happened and what is happening to our democracy.

“No child should be taught that they should be ashamed due to the pigmentation of their skin, and no child should be told they are responsible for the actions of the past.” (Sen. David Bullard, a principal author of HB 1775.)

What are you people afraid of?

Soon the MAGA group will be publishing their own books:

“The Cat in the MAGA Hat.”

“Little Red State Riding Hood.”

“Snow White and the ‘Big Lie.’”

“Good Night Wade/Roe.”

“Green Eggs and Hannity.”

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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