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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In Re: Rudolph Fillinger, “This Is Pro-Law Enforcement?” letters, Aug. 26.

Two things, Mr. Fillinger: 

Rep. Mike Garcia is by far the most popular candidate running for office in this district among all law enforcement officers in this district, up to and including the highest law enforcement officer in all of Los Angles County, Sheriff Alex Villanueva. 

Other than what has been reported in the news (nothing but people’s speculation and opinion for the most part) NONE of us, including Rep. Garcia, actually knows ALL of the details of the raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Florida. 

Rep. Garcia doesn’t speak just to hear himself make noise. He waits until he has actual evidence BEFORE he takes a stand on something and speaks as a well-known United States congressman whose words will be heard and noted around the entire world! 

How refreshing it would be if ALL elected officials, including the current and former residents of the White House not to mention all the talking heads on TV, would adopt Rep. Garcia’s adult and responsible way of speaking out on issues affecting this wonderful country!

And please remind me again about how supportive of law enforcement Rep. Garcia’s opponent in this race is! 

Rick Barker 


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