Thomas Oatway | What Are MAGA People Thinking?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I saw today that 34% of Americans think violence against the government can be justified. This is probably about the same percentage who believe in the MAGA cult and the Big Lie. 

You can see it on right-wing media like Fox News, and politicians who use the anti-government rhetoric to satisfy their MAGA base voters and enhance their political fundraising. 

What will these irresponsible people do when Donald Trump is finally indicted? Is there any turning back from Trumpism and its threat to our democratic republic? 

They have incited the worst elements of society and there may be severe consequences.

I keep saying to myself: What is the MAGA crowd thinking? They have embraced GOP political candidates for the midterm elections who are clearly incompetent or even dangerous.  

This election in November could be pivotal in whether we succeed in saving our bold experiment in democratic government, or become an autocracy and a disastrous failure. 

Make your votes count. Look carefully at your candidate for the California 27th District of Congress and decide whether you want someone who (voted not to certify) the last presidential election. And who wants the government to control women’s bodies and reproductive rights. 

For me, the answer is simple: Reject Mike Garcia.

Thomas Oatway


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