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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I thank Mr. David Smith of Canyon Country for sharing his life experience (Aug. 21) in response to my letters. As for Mr. Smith’s statement regarding the change that took place in his life after praying the “sinner’s prayer,” Mr. Smith, I have no idea what happened to you and will not hazard a guess. The human mind is a quirky place and lots of things happen in that mind for which neither doctor nor preacher has a definitive explanation (despite their claims). Sometimes things happen because we simply want or allow them to happen, and the rest is what I would call rationalization, “convincing ourselves” of whatever. Praying the sinner’s prayer may simply serve as a good excuse for doing something you always wanted to do, and were finally ready to do, anyway. 

As for what I believe about Jesus, the answer is “nothing.” I have read of the man in the New Testament, but I never actually met him or any of the people who knew him while he was alive or wrote about him after he died, so all I have is what I would call “rumors and hearsay.” I really wish I could cross-examine those folks. Unfortunately they’re all dead. I have seen people “reached” by his words, but I think I am beyond the range of those guns and thus remain unaffected by them. My best guess as to why is that I’m doing fine with my life and I don’t need what he has to offer, and I’m ready for any big surprises if I’m wrong. The only thing I “believe” is that I don’t need to be afraid of anything — ever. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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