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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joe did that. Gavin too…

On Sept. 23 I submitted a letter to The Signal. In it, I stated that gas prices were at or above $6 per gallon. We all have our gas stations we go to. Mine is Chevron on The Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway. Today when I drove by I was shocked to see the price of a gallon of premium to be $7.09. In just six short days gas went from at or just over $6 to at or just over $7!

The energy policies of the far left are nothing short of insane. The price of a gallon of gas will impact every single product you buy. Nothing is immune to this insidious tax on Americans and we can blame President Joe Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom for it. Newsom wants to ban the sale of gas-powered cars in seven years, ignoring the fact that we can’t even produce enough electricity to run the state today.

California currently imports 30% of our electricity. How much will we import when millions of electric cars are added to the grid? In yet another display of brilliance, Newsom wants to ban all natural gas stoves and furnaces in the state, putting further strain on the electric grid and costing homeowners tens of thousands of dollars to convert.   

It appears there is no energy policy that is too dopey or expensive for this crowd. And speaking of the price of energy, I got my gas bill a few days and it was $42. They provide a graph of usage and I noted that one year ago I used exactly the same amount of natural gas but my bill was $22. Yes, it’s only $20 and I certainly can afford it, but don’t believe the lie that inflation is only 8.3%.  

The left pretends to care about poor people and the working class while at the same time enacting personal budget-crushing policies that are destroying the economy. They tried to redefine the word “recession,” but that’s just gaslighting. We are in a recession and no amount of lying about the definition of the word will change that. So, when someone complains about the high cost of everything, just ask them who they voted for. If they voted for the above two geniuses, they have nobody to blame but themselves. 

Meanwhile the rest of us who knew better are forced to pay the freight. Still waiting for one Democrat to admit these policies are deranged. I won’t hold my breath. 

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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