Fall Fashion Trends


A few realistic ideas for SoCal men and women 

By Jim Walker 

So, fall has begun. However, in Southern California, fall is more a concept than a season. The heat of summer tends to drag on, or at least pop up the minute you think you can put on a sweater. And so, while you run your air-conditioning and the television fireplace at the same time, imaginings of cool Oktoberfests, frosty pumpkin patches and chill-ish trick-or-treating are just that. For this reason, you have to be careful about East Coast-inspired fashion advice. It might just put you into heat stroke. 

Fall fashion advice from one out-of-Cali big name in clothing sales includes the following: For women – plain white tank, leather jackets, platform shoes, head-to-toe sweater dressing, over-the-knee boots, and relaxed denim. For men – dressed up suiting, suede jackets, statement sweaters and molded sneakers. While some of these might work, some of the time, in the SCV, others might only be suited to fall at the air-conditioned mall. 

Taking a little more SoCal view of fall fashion tips from trendsetters, we distill some out that won’t overheat you, especially if you layer to accommodate day-into-night.  

SoCal fall style for women 

Overall, you can follow these guidelines. 

Jeans: It can sometimes get windy and chilly, so jeans might be better than skirts or dresses.  

Shirt: A nice top in a breathable material, such as cotton, will keep you comfortable. 

Cardigan: Layers are key when moving in and out of doors, so add a removable cardigan. 

Boots: Boots are in style for fall, especially when you are outdoors in the evening – or if, by chance, it rains. 

Following these, more stylish trends might also work. 

Romantic Style: Wear dresses with delicate details, ruffle sleeves, smocking and pleats. 

Cottage theme: Maybe try a tiered maxi dress with smocking and prints. Make this garden party attire by putting on a pair of satin mules, an embroidered headband and delicate baubles. 

Collegiate: This runs from preppy jackets to 90s grunge boots, and you can mix and match tones like navy, red, powder blue and white – even stripes. 

Grunge. Think relaxed silhouettes and dark colors, distressing and plaid. Maybe add lug sole boots and a plaid shacket over a graphic tee. 

Pumpkin patch ready: Try an oversized sweater with patchwork detail. Pair dark-wash denim with a boot-cut silhouette. And duck boots proclaim fall – somewhere.  

Cozy layers: Classic coats and puffers are back, especially in neutral colors. If the weather cools enough, you can try a camel-toned overcoat or a jacket with rust-colored plaid print. But bold layers add some dash. 

Edgy style: Try fitted silhouettes, asymmetrical details and cutouts, and dark and bold tones such as black and red.  

Halloween: Wherever temperature-suitable, you can try Halloween hues such as black, orange, green and purple, and maybe add some lace and ties. Grab attention in a pair of green stilettos and a black mini dress. 

SoCal fall style for men 

Ignoring extremes from the runway, the fashion advice for men in any season is fairly forgiving. Here are some general guidelines for this fall. 

Denim: Denim hats, frayed hems, oversized shirts and baggy jeans will work. You can begin by incorporating one piece of denim into your overall look and layering from there as the temperatures drop (or don’t). 

Ties: Trendsetters say the tie is back for men in appropriate situations, but you can mix it into a more casual outfit, maybe with jeans and a leather jacket.  

Plaid: Always good for fall, plaid shirts should be especially prominent this year. If things get cold enough, you can add a plaid muffler. 

Here are some themes you can work with. 

Work-leisure: This is all about syncing your most comfortable pieces with modern workwear. Think joggers, cords and chinos. 

Street-camp: This style incorporates your favorite camping staples with a casual men’s street style spin.  

In-cabin: This is all about cozy, feel-good styles. Consider a plaid flannel button-up and tan lace-up lug sole boots.  

Throwback: Utilizing the styles of the late 90s to early 2000s, this will be preppy, punk and athletic. If you want to go further, utilize bold and futuristic street styles with hip-hop influences.  

Maximal: Take a chance here, with adornments dripping in texture and wild fabrication. Think “more is more,” if you dare. 

Varsity: College-inspired jackets and cardigans are always good for football season, if the temperature allows. 

So, let’s look good and stay comfortable out there. Fall is fun. 

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