Olga Kaczmar | Khazars and the War in Ukraine

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

QAnon follower Dr. Charlie Ward, among others, say Vladimir Putin’s goal is to eradicate the Khazarian Deep State out of Ukraine. They rumor that Ukraine will be divided again between Poland and Russia. The QAnons claim the Russians are saving trafficked children when in fact they are stealing children from Ukraine and sending them to Russia to re-educate them. They claim the Russians are bombing adrenochrome biolabs when in fact they are bombing hospitals, schools, train stations and apartment buildings. They want the citizenry to flee to other countries, because they want the beautiful Ukrainian lands for the Russian people.  

Previously under Russian rule after 1945, Ukraine was devastated with Russia’s burnout policy, killing millions of Ukrainians. Ukrainians dug tunnels (the infamous tunnels crisscrossing Ukraine’s underground) to stay alive throughout the harsh winters. Under Russian occupation, more than 75,000 Ukrainians were expelled to Siberia and Kazakhstan. 

The historically proud Ukrainians were most feeble under Russian domination. The Khazarian [mafia] rebuilt Ukraine after their independence in 1991. Before the invasion in February 2022, Ukraine was exporting about 6 million tons of grain a month to Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. As in the U.S., the wealthy oligarchs controlled the politics of the country. Ukraine rose to be: first in Europe in terms of arable land area; first place in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil; first in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores; and, first in Europe in ammonia production. 

In 2014, the oligarchs were aligned with Russia because they were making huge income. But now the oligarchs have united in saving Ukraine’s territorial integrity. They are bolstering resistance in occupied regions. In Crimea, resident Russian occupiers are trying to sell their homes and leaving en masse, due to the threat of Ukrainian soldiers launching missiles on Crimea. 

The richest man in Ukraine, Riat Akhmetov, made his estimated $15-plus billion from iron and steel and thermoelectricity. He now backs Ukraine, calling for national unity. 

Victor Pinchuk, worth $3.2 billion, made his money selling steel pipes. Victor Pinchuk Foundation opened the Russian War Crimes Exhibition at Ukrainian Institute of America in New York. He says: “We are dealing with a genocide of the Ukrainian people. Their aim is to destroy the Ukrainian people and their nation.” 

Dmytro Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch worth $3 billion who made his fortune in natural gas with help from the Kremlin, is now denouncing Putin and calling out Moscow’s massacre in Ukraine. He said, “In order to do business, you had to get along with Russian organized crime figures.” 

Igor Kolomoisky, founder of Privat Bank, thought to be worth $3 billon, previously aligned with Julia Tymoshenko, the billionaire behind President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s TV channel. 

Petro Poroshenko, the Chocolate King, made his $1 billion trading cocoa beans and was a favorite with the Ukrainian people. This Ukrainian past president rebuked Putin at a joint meeting of U.S. Congress: “It is Europe’s war and it is America’s war, too. It is a war for the free world.” 

Are these the Khazarian mafia that QAnons rumor? 

It is so wrong to equate the Khazarian Empire with the Christian Ukrainian people. Since the 6th Century, Ukraine was sacked so many times by surrounding countries. To blame Khazarian or oligarch sins on Ukrainian people, to strip Ukrainians of their homes and lands, to bomb their hospitals, homes and schools, is just evil and an obvious excuse to gather up the old USSR pieces. 

Olga Kaczmar

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