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Our View

By The Signal Editorial Board

The past couple of years have proven challenging for everyone, and especially for those in the education community. Our educational leaders have had to make a series of difficult decisions, trying to balance the quality of education versus the health, safety and welfare of children, teens, parents, teachers and staff. 

In all, we can’t complain about how our local school boards have dealt with all of these challenges. On the whole, we have elected school board members — in the various local school districts — who have met all of these challenges head-on. Regardless of whether we might agree with a specific decision at a particular time, we’ve always maintained confidence that our school board members — who are elected as non-partisan officeholders — have acted in what they believe is in the best, balanced interest of all stakeholders, and most importantly the students they serve. 

With that said, here are our endorsements for the local school board positions available on the Nov. 8 general election ballot:

William S. Hart Union High School District

Trustee Area 2: Bob Jensen

Jensen, first elected to the board in 2009, is a stable leader and a steadfast advocate for parental rights and campus security. He brings a strong accounting background and business sense to oversee fiscally responsible management of the Hart district.

Trustee Area 3: Teresa Todd and Cherise Moore

We’ve concluded there are two very capable, well-qualified candidates for Trustee Area 3. 

Teresa Todd is a communications professional, and would bring those skills to help improve the district’s communication with the community, families and all district stakeholders. She’s an advocate for parents’ rights and has a lengthy track record of community involvement, including having previously served as the district’s public information officer. 

Cherise Moore, the incumbent for this seat, is also a very qualified candidate and has served the district well through some difficult and challenging times, including some rather unfair attacks from a few community members who have singled her out to be blamed when they disagree with actions taken by the entire board. Moore has handled it all with grace and professionalism.

While our broad political views are more closely aligned with Todd than Moore, we believe either of these candidates will serve the district well in this non-partisan office. The voters of Area 3 can’t go wrong. 

Trustee Area 5: Joe Messina

The current president of the board, Messina was first elected in 2008 and is a staunch defender of parental rights. He’s also fiscally conservative and a fervent advocate of the district’s career technical education programs, aiming to prepare students with the practical knowledge and skills to succeed in the job markets of the future. 

​Elementary School Districts

Saugus Union School District

Trustee Area 1: Jesus Henao

Trustee Area 2: Anna Griese

Trustee Area 5: Sharlene Duzick

Newhall School District

Trustee Area 1: Brian Walters

Trustee Area 2: Suverna Mistry

Castaic Union School District

Trustee Area E: Mayreen Burk

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