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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a current student in the William S. Hart Union High School District, I can say that I have a deep love for the school and the district I attend. The opportunities afforded to me here have been truly transformational, allowing me the unique opportunity to explore my interests. 

With that being said, something that I feel we never see enough of on campus is our board members, the ones who are meant to represent us. Throughout this election cycle, I have gotten more involved in our local political scene, and only two people have ever reached out to sit down and talk with me about the issues that students care about: Andrew Taban, running for Hart district Trustee Area 2, and Cherise Moore, running for Hart district Trustee Area 3. 

Andrew is a former student of this district, and I was able to connect with him and share how important it is for us students to feel like we have a voice, and he agreed. He explained how he felt the same about many of the critical issues we face as students and that he would always work to ensure we are heard. His special emphasis on campus visitations to keep up to date on school site activities also inspired me, as it is so crucial for school board members to go into the schools and communities they represent and speak with their constituents. Andrew understands the problems we face, and I am confident he will always stand up for the students of the Hart district. 

Cherise Moore, like Andrew, welcomed my interest in the school board’s activities. Throughout her time on the board, Moore has been a champion of student representation and has always put the students of the Hart district first. She is also the only member of the board I have seen in my classrooms regularly, always asking my classmates about the issues they care about. She has a track record of tackling challenging issues while always involving the student body and the greater community, and I know if re-elected, she will continue to stand up for students and our community. 

Santa Clarita and the Hart district face many unique challenges that need to be addressed with an inclusive approach that emphasizes bringing everyone to the table. Andrew Taban and Cherise Moore are the unifiers and problem solvers we need. This Nov. 8, vote for Taban for Hart district Trustee Area 2 and Moore for Hart district trustee Area 3. Students deserve representatives who listen and care about us all. 

Patrick Done 


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